Corporate Social Responsibility

We value our globe in environmental, social and economical aspects.Therefor it is important for us to deliver a sustainable product. This means not only for the end product but a high standard in all our lines of production. In order to fulfil this ambition it is highly important for us to have a close relationship with all our suppliers and partners. 

Today 22% of our products are produced in Europe and we aim to produce within Europe to a greater extent. Our European products are made in France and produced by top manufacturers in the fashion industry. They carry the OFG Label (Origine France Garantie) certification which means that the products are 100% made in France. Up on our collaboration we visited these partners and you can se footage of this at our instagram under stories related to ”production”. 

Our over seas suppliers are verified by the onsite world-leading inspection company Bureau Veritas. Bureau Veritas was established in 1828. Headquartered in Paris, France, it is one of the world's most widely recognized authorities in the certification industry. It is a global leader in the certification aspects of OHSAS, Quality, Environment and Social Accountability Management System. With over 900 offices in more than 140 countries worldwide, Bureau Veritas employs over 40,000 staff and services more than 370,000 clients.As an international group, Bureau Veritas specialises in providing services in inspection, analysis, audit, and certification of products and infrastructures (buildings, industrial sites, equipments, ships etc.) as well as commerce-based management systems. It is also a participant in drafting ISO9000 and ISO 14000 standards. Surveys by the American Quality Digest (2002) and Japan ISOS rank Bureau Veritas top in terms of trustworthiness.

Bureau Veritas aims to deliver truthful reports through inspecting, verifying or certifying its clients' properties, projects, product or management systems against the self-established industry reference standards or external standards. 



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