MLLW´s guide to travelling from home during lockdown

Following advice on social distancing is important. However, staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean cultural deprivation and lack of inspiration. We have listed some movies, series and other fun things to enjoy during the lockdown. 

Virtual Tours all around the globe.

Google Arts and Culture have some amazing content for when on lockdown. On their site, you can visit, museums, landmarks and lots of other interesting sites from your own couch. This works just like google street view, free for you to explore. You can find world-famous museums and there are landmarks and sites you didn’t even know you were interested in seeing. 


You can visit Musee D´orsay in Paris or Guggenheim in NY, and when you're at it in NY why not take a street art tour in the city followed by a Banksy Street specialized art tour? 

Or maybe you would like to escape the city and visit Machu Picchu or the old Egyptian pyramids instead? There are lots of different things to choose from and we are certain there is something for all of us.


Travel series and Movies on Netflix

Dreaming about where to go when the quarantine is over? You probably have the time to get inspired before you decide on where to head next. Why not do some research and dream a little more. Isn’t it nice to have something really good to look forward to? And sometimes we just need another point of view in order to appreciate what we already have. We have listed some series and movies filled with cultural inspiration.


Eat Pray Love

Mamma Mia! The Movie

In to the Wild

Sex and the City 2

The Tourist

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind 

Night on Earth 

Our Planet

The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes.

Stay here.

Restaurants on the edge. 

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Please note that the assortment may vary depending on your location


Google Arts and Culture

101 Ways to Travel Without Leaving Your House, cntraveler

Les documentaires Netflix qui font voyager, Vogue Paris

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