MLLW's Guide to holiday skiing 2020.

Going down the slopes can definitely give you that special rush. Freedom and happiness with the mix of excitement and adrenaline as you accelerate down. Isn’t that amazing? Or waking up in a calm and quiet place either going outdoors or spending the day in, why not at the spa? Enjoying lunches with friends and loved ones and of course, having that fondue and wine in the evening followed by an amazing good night's sleep. We have listed our favorite iconic spots mixed with some new and trendy places to bee seen. 

Okay, we admit we do have a certain love for the Swiss slopes. The Swiss villages and Alps are something special all year round. However, there are a few places we do have a special connection to. 


St Moritz. 

The longest established and most prestigious winter-sports resort in the Swiss Alps. It is an iconic Swiss village with a fairytale aura and all the designer shops possible in miniature form.  If you love horse polo, make sure you don’t miss their annual Snow Polo on the lake of St Moritz, at the end of January.


The one and only competitor to St Moritz. Gstaad's international fame is in fact a little more recent than that of St Moritz. It really got on the map in the 1920s when the school, 'Le Rosey' opened, catering for the children of royalty, politicians, show business stars and leading figures of business and industry. 100 years later the village is still thriving. Follow @gstaadguy on Instagram for inside jokes about the little village. The best time to bee seen there is in February.



Represents four resort villages. It is widely regarded as one of the world's most fashionable winter-sports destinations: it boasts the greatest concentration of deluxe hotels and chalets, Michelin-starred restaurants and designer-fashion boutiques in the French Alps.


LAAX, Flims, and Falera. It is one of Switzerland's biggest ski resorts. Voted as the world's best freestyle resort it is the ultimate place for the snowboarder with its 4 parks. A modern place with activities all year round and lots of technical advantages to staying connected. Great connections with train and 90minutes from Zürich. This place is a good option for families and offers something for all skiers young, old experienced and novice.  



"Who needs the Alps?" is the question posed by Sweden's largest and best-known ski area Åre. In comparison to the Swiss slopes, it indeed does have great charm. Architecturally the resort is a mix of old wooden buildings and modern additions. There are spectacular views across the huge frozen lake next to the resort. Another unique advantage - is the long season for example, from late November well into May. 


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