MLLW´s Guide to Sustainable Travelling 2020.

Caring for the environment has become more and more crucial and playing your part has never been as important as it is today. We are all aware of how the climate is changing around us and taking responsibility in a greater extent is crucial.

Often when it comes to making changes beneficial to the environment ,you’ll find that with rather small means we can make great changes. We just have to think twice before we take action and think one step a head. 

We all know the basics, it's better to go by train than plane. Consider a staycation. Choose your hotel wisely, Say no to plastic and disposable products.  But there is more to be considered! 

1. Do your research.

Traveling consciously is a lot about doing less and researching more. For example, the other day I stumbled a cross a page by two of the biggest airports in Sweden. They both offer you to purchase renewable jet fuel for your trip, isn’t that just amazing? They also help you calculate the  environmental impact of your flight. This makes it easy for you to compensate for the flight. You can also choose a carrier that uses bio-fuel like, United, Qantas and KLM. Its better to fly direct when possible and even better is of course to going by train. 


2. Be careful with the souvenirs.

Wherever you’re going purchasing local souvenirs can be more important than you thought before. In Cancun, for example its not unusual for the gift shops to sell ”traditional” Mexican sombreros imported from China. These cost lest than the ones created by the village artisans who make their hats by hand. Buying the Mexican sombreros supports authentic cultural heritage and provides jobs for the locals who create them. Be very careful with purchasing wild life products as souvenirs. You do not want to support a growing marketplace for trafficking rare and endangered wildlife products. 


3. … And your activities. 

If you hire a local guide, ask them about their environmental work and if they actually use locals as guides. Remember that animals should be taken care of properly. Many studies show that animals too closely exposed to humans experience high levels of stress. Think twice before you decide to snorkel with dolphins, ride on an elephant or swim with pigs. These animals are not domesticated pet dogs bred to live together with humans since over hundreds of years back.


4. Don’t over pack and dont run to the mall to impulse buy stuff for your trip. 

Dont bring more luggage than necessary, a heavier plane uses more fuel and over packing is actually easy to prevent. Only in the UK Around 300,000 tons of clothing is sent to landfill, many of these are holiday wear, sometimes even unworn. 


Remember that many of the things we inorder to travel sustainably are intact the same things as we can do at home. 


Picture from Six Senses Fiji


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