How we choose suppliers

We value our globe in environmental, social and economical aspects. Therefor it is important for us to deliver a high standard product. This means not only for the end product but a high standard in all our lines of production. In order to fulfill this ambition it is highly important for us to have a close relationship with all our suppliers and partners. 

We are located in the Textile fashion capital of Sweden, Borås. With its Textile school and many businesses working within the industry we are close to knowledge and also opportunities that can help us with our ambitions within production. Read more about our current suppliers here.


We recently visited the company Rekotex. They sell leftover fabrics from big textile manufacturers to us who wish so create a more exclusive collection. Normally it would hard or almost impossible  able to get our hands on these products due to the fact that they only produce big quantities. This gives us a unique business opportunity to obtain high quality textiles in a smaller quantity. It is also a great way to use the recourses already produced. Seen out of an environmental aspect this is a great way to work. The fabrics are stocked in the producers warehouse and its easy for us to ship them to one of our manufacturers who are located nearby. We can also source fabrics by location to minimize transportation and their environmental effect. 


For us its important to always work against becoming more environmental friendly and also to work smart. Smart means for us to be able to deliver high quality products with short lead-times and exclusive design.

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